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IMM AS ISLAMIC MOVEMENT rahmatan lil ‘alamin

IMM movement that serves as an exponent of students in Muhammadiyah bodies (AD / ART IMM) gives the sense that the IMM is an organization of volunteers who are expected to continue the tradition of Islamic struggle applied by Muhammadiyah. The basic framework of Islamic thought that carried IMM should be in keeping with the basic framework of Islamic thought in Muhammadiyah.

al-ruju ‘ila al-Qur’an wa al-Sunnah and tajdid fi al-Islam. The basic framework of thought which makes the Muhammadiyah still exist at that age to one hundred years. According Kuntowijoyo (1998). There are two things that make Muhammadiyah can survive until today. First, the legacy of theosentrism KH Ahmad Dahlan, an understanding which will restore all things to the Koran and the Sunnah. Second, social activism with subjecting a variety of voluntary association, by using the concept of organic solidarity (Durkheim) without the central figure.

For continuity in an ever-changing environment, and activism Muhammadiyah theosentrism gave birth to two major agenda for the present and future. Namely social praxis and Islamic thoughts. Social praxis by Muhammadiyah no doubt. Even Muhammadiyah has helped take care of the state with its charitable efforts. Islamic Thought, namely the understanding of al ruju ‘ila al-Qur’an wa al-Sunnah that adjusting the present context we would call ijtihad, seems to stagnation. According to Ahmad Shafii Maarif buya in an interview on Voice of Muhammadiyah Edition 01, Year 2010.

Stating that in the body of Muhammadiyah is going on ijtihad stagnation of thought. He proposed that the Legal Affairs Committee and Tajdid renamed the Legal Affairs Committee and the Independence Thinking.

Muhammadiyah in the future will increasingly lose the spirit. Given the birth of Muhammadiyah is the result of thought construction KH Ahmad Dahlan in akulturating pure understanding with the local cultural context. Buya Syafii called Da’wah Cultural. In 2003, the young generation who are members of Muhammadiyah Youth Intellectual Network (JIMM) tries to restore the culture of constructive critical intellectuals of Muhammadiyah. That contextualize the revelation and the traditions based on the needs of the ummah today. But it is unfortunate. By various parties, these circles are considered porousing creed because it is considered liberal and heretical. Actually, if we want to reopen the Muhammadiyah’s history lesson.

According to the Quraish Shihab (2007) al-Qur’an that we hold now is equal to the Koran at age Rasululloh. However, technological developments and implementation of the Koran in the time of the Apostle different results with today. In medieval times, many Muslim scientists found some Qur’anic invention that are useful for medicine, astronomy, philosophy and other fields, although in the end recognized by scientists- west scientist, it is because the intellectuals Muslims at that time, conduct a comprehensive reading content of the Koran. Referring to the first revelation of Surat al-Alaq “Iqro, bismirabbikalldziiholaq” in this letter lafadz Iqra ‘always repeated. This signifies that God was appealed to the Muslims to always perform the repetitive reading tehadap everything. Included in the reading of the divine revelation.

The approach and methods used in the reading of the divine revelation by Muhammadiyah also developed with auxiliary sciences such as social anthropology, sociology, phenomenology, philosophy and so forth (DPD IMM JATENG: 2003). And these studies are expected to be dived spiritual dimensions. So that humans can control the freedom of materialist thinking.

IMM as a new pro-reform student movement (tajdid) should always build a culture of intellectual construction are critical for the betterment of society. Classical problems in the body of IMM is IMM cadres and leaders are too busy in formal business organizations. Formal legal routine activities that have been prepared by the DPP, has always carried out by cadres and leaders who ironically do not want to do re-reading of tactical and strategic functions. Actually cadres in the commissariat IMM can perform readings on the system have been prepared by the DPP and DPD. However, rushing into a cohesive structural affairs organization has had over the ideas and the ideas of IMM cadres. Cadres constructive ideas IMM (commissioner) who should be sterilized by the system build organization environment which limit the movement of cadres. There are several paradigm changes that occur in the body of the IMM that is changing the leadership paradigm of paradigm ideological ties into pragmatic paradigm. Movement focus rooted in social activism turned into a practical political movement. Activism is a basic capital for ijtihad were also not born in the bond motion.

In AD IMM Chapter II Article 6, explaining about the purpose of IMM establishment. That is “Pursuing the establishment of Islamic scholars in order to achieve the noble goal of Muhammadiyah.” In the text AD? ART that the author quotes, explicitly explained that the purpose of establishment of IMM was limited form of Islamic scholars who have a certain character noble. So, how do we interpret by laws that? IMM cadres task is not only well on the book of discipline, and organizational affairs.

Success of the cadre of the IMM is not judged by whether or not he passed the structural level. However, the extent to which he was responsible for intellectual mandate of around environment. In other words, Amali embodiment of science and scientific charity are inevitable. It is funny if IMM cadres who usually scream revolution, revolution, just carelessly dispose of garbage. It is not funny also talked about the concept of empowerment, but colleagues who need assistance maslaha about faith and religion, are ignored. Very ironic. Vision of humanism that carried since the beginning of the IMM as far out of proportion. Especially cadre of commissariat.

For that, need to be rethought the realm of struggle IMM. In particular cadres commissariat. Object movement and propaganda IMM commissariat is the campus environment, it is fitting if cadres guarding the commissariat full play its campus developments. At least oversee the formation of critical consciousness of each student. Author’s experience, that students who participate in student activities on campus just want to get the benefits without being able sharping academic analysis. Well, this is an opportunity for IMM in guarding the formation of a new paradigm in the grinding of academic analysis of central issues that occur in its environment.

Allah says in Surat. Al-Imron verses 190-191, which means “Verily in the creation of the heavens and earth, of day and night there are signs of Allah for those who want to think. That is, people who always remember Allah standing and sitting when his or lie down, and always thinking about the creation of the heavens and the earth, and they say “Oh my God We’re Not You Create Everything was in vain, Glory to Thee Keep us from the torment of hellfire “.

Reading the excerpt above paragraph, you think the author has understood what should be done by IMM as a cadre of supporting connective generation and lofty ideals. And another verse Allah says that Allah will exalt those who are knowledgeable. There is an interesting pattern that I propose for the cadres of progressive bond. The pattern of “thought-analyst-action” is the embodiment of three domains that define the Amali science and scientific charity. And Allaah knows best

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